In 2014, Michigan has lost:


Right now, we're losing $7 million every single day

If you think that makes you mad, wait until you see WHY it's happening and who's at fault!

Michigan passed a new bi-partisan law in 2013 that will provide health care access to nearly 500,000 low-income residents and save the state over $600 million in the process. Unfortunately, a group of Tea Party obstructionists in the Michigan Senate used a procedural trick to stop the law from taking effect until April 1st of this year. The cost? $7 million a day.

And it was all because they chose to play politics with our state's future.

Here's who's responsible:
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State Senator
Jack Brandenburg
District 11
State Senator
Darwin Booher
District 35
State Senator
Bruce Caswell
District 16
State Senator
Patrick Colbeck
District 7
State Senator
Judy Emmons
District 33
State Senator
Mike Green
District 31
State Senator
Dave Hildenbrand
District 29
State Senator
Joe Hune
District 22
State Senator
Mark Jansen
District 28
State Senator
Rick Jones
District 24
State Senator
Arlan Meekhof
District 30
State Senator
John Moolenaar
District 36
State Senator
Mike Nofs
District 19
State Senator
John Pappageorge
District 13
State Senator
Phil Pavlov
District 25
State Senator
John Proos
District 21
State Senator
David Robertson
District 26
State Senator
Tonya Schuitmaker
District 20
Every day, from January 1st through April 1st, the state of Michigan is losing $7 million a day as a result of a political stunt played by Senate Republicans. Check back into this page every day during that time to see the real stories of those impacted by this decision, input from concerned citizens all across the state and facts about the myriad of good that could be done with this kind of funding.

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